I met Alex on a Prince's Trust Enterprise Course and, as it turned out that we were almost neighbours, we ended up getting the train to and from the course together all week. We got on straight away and didn't stop talking throughout any of our shared journeys! Alex is such a talented florist and a lovely, genuine person, but what stands out the most to me about her is her all-around positivity, enthusiasm and absolute passion for what she does!

Alex's wedding floristry business is called Webb & Farrer, named after her grandmothers, in whose gardens she discovered her love of all things floral. As well as doing flowers for events, businesses and special occasions (check out these lush bouquets she created for my grandma's birthday and Mother's Day!), Alex handmakes fabric flower crowns and accessories. You can visit her Etsy shop to get your hands on one of her unique designs, they're perfect for festivals/bridesmaids/lounging around at home! Check out this post too if you'd like to see more of these beautiful crowns, and keep up with Alex on Instagram here.

Alex's brand shoot was all about showcasing her creative process. She provides a really personalised service to all of her clients and is always on hand to offer her expert guidance on flowers, seasons and trends, so we focused on expressing this knowledge and passion through the photos.