I want to live in a world where we embrace who we are, trust ourselves and live out our true purpose.

Wanna join me?


I used to think running a business would mean icky networking events (hello, introvert's nightmare!), pushy sales tactics and aggressive 'growth strategies'. That's what I'd been led to believe by the so-called gurus of the entrepreneurial world. But none of that ever felt right for me. I'm all about listening to my intuition and it knew that there had to be another way!

After years of trying to change who I was to fit in- all through school, uni and my less-than-fulfilling graduate jobs- I finally found the confidence to embrace my personality when I started working for myself.

I'd grown tired of feeling uncomfortable in my own skin, and the new lease of life that setting up on my own gave me was the boost I needed to start over, as the real me.


I found that the more I'd lean in to my interests and talk openly about my story, the more easily business began to flow. Being visible felt daunting at first, but it's a muscle that we can train, one Instagram post at a time.

I'm sure you've been there too. That moment when you get an email from someone you'd be over-the-moon excited to work with, saying that they really connected with your latest blog post or social media caption. They've been following you for a while and love the way you show up online.

It doesn't happen over night, but when you look around one day and realise that you're working with people who seriously light you up, who value your work and feel more like old friends than clients, that's when you know it's been worth it.


Worth it to own your title and expertise (even when it feels terrifying), to stand in integrity (not taking that well-paying job that doesn't feel right just because your Great Uncle Mike says you should) and to consistently show up as your genuine, vibrant, soul-centred, magical self!

I get so much joy from creating beautiful branding portraits that bring my clients' websites and social media profiles to life, showcasing the unique set of experiences and values that make them stand out from the crowd.

Embracing visibility has been transformational for my business and life and I can't wait to help you experience that confidence boost too!

Sophie x


A few of my favourite things...

all the Pizza and pasta (thank you, Italian genes)

Any book by Celeste Ng (please write another one soon!)

exploring botanical gardens and national trust grounds

The Easy 90s playlist on Spotify

Early nights (I know, i’m wild!)

simon reeve documentaries

Pretending other people's dogs are my own

trying not to cry at queer eye (i’ve literally never succeeded)

making a decent scented candle last about three years

the quiet carriage

pretty much every film set in an american high school in the early 2000s

jomo - the joy of missing out (and staying home in my pjs)

cereal for dinner

buying as many of my clothes as possible on ebay

booking flights for my next adventure (mexico, i'm looking at you!)

my camera,  for the world of opportunities it’s opened up for me