my name’s sophie and i like taking pictures

I like tea and being indoors

As much as it would be cool to say that I spend my free time fell-running or connecting with nature, the reality is that I really love my sofa. I get abnormally excited about the prospect of spending a Friday night at home with a scented candle and a good film (at the moment it’s anything by Richard Linklater)!

A nice cup of tea also makes me very happy, as does a pristine notebook and an eBay bargain. I also have a slightly unhealthy obsession with sausage dogs, to the point that I’ve been known to cry at the sight of one in the street. I just can’t get over how tiny their legs are, and if I see one with long, scruffy hair, there’s a good chance I’ll try to steal it. You’ve been warned.

I want to keep it all

Aside from my fondness for daschunds and anything with glitter on it, I really love clicking a button and creating an image that didn’t exist seconds before. I can’t even remember when I first became hooked on cameras and the joy they bring me, but I definitely can’t imagine life without photography now! I was lucky to grow up in a house full of wonderful photos taken by my avid photographer dad and I’ve grown very attached to visually documenting everything in my life. 

What I do

I see your creativity and your dream, and I show it to your audience through thoughtful photographs. Taking the time to understand your story and your purpose, I take photos that present you as the expert that you are.   

Together, we create images that attract the clients you really want; the ones that not only pay the bills but also feel like friends. 

I love the quote “No-one is you and that is your power” and it shapes the way I work. I aim to capture the unique qualities and passion that you bring to your industry, allowing your dream clients to feel like they know you before they’ve even met you.

My photos will transform your website from feeling like a cold transaction to a warm hug! All it’s missing is the real you!


Let’s do what we love

Without getting all “#blessed” on you, I am genuinely so grateful to be able to get up every day and do my favourite thing for a living. A few short years ago, I never would have imagined that I’d be running my own business because it never really seemed possible. I assumed it was 9-5 or nothing, until one day I decided to trust my instincts and take the leap! It has been the best move I’ve ever made. Now it’s my goal to use photography to help you keep waking up and doing your favourite thing every day.


I’d love to hear about your creative business and how I could help you boost your brand with some sparkly new photos!