Thank you for your interest in this Photography Assistant role.

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For now, I am only looking for someone to assist me on a photoshoot in London on the 29th March. However, I would eventually love to find a brilliant person to work with me more regularly! Some of the questions (such as the one about driving) relate to that longer-term role so please don’t be put off by those if you’re only applying for the 29th March job. Please let me know at the end of the form if you’d like to be considered for the long-term role :) Thank you!

Closing Date: Friday 15th March

More About The Role

This role is paid and the details will be shared with successful applicants via email.

Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • Carrying equipment and bags of props or clothes

  • Holding reflectors

  • Adjusting the client’s clothes and hair if they get out of place between shots

  • Creating behind-the-scenes footage and stills for Instagram Stories

  • Taking behind-the-scenes photos on a DSLR (not a deal-breaker!)

  • Buying coffee (paid for by me) for cafe portraits

  • Setting up, adjusting and packing down lights (only occasionally necessary as I primarily use natural light)

  • Being a friendly face on set to make my client feel completely at ease and really looked after