6 Brilliant Podcasts for Creative Entrepreneurs


If you've read any of my blog posts or you follow me on Instagram, you'll probably already know that I love a good podcast! I can't quite handle the silence in my flat while I'm working from home, so whenever I'm here editing or doing admin, I almost always have a podcast playing in the background! I find them really interesting and often inspirational, so I wanted to share my top six recommended listens with you so you can get inspired too!

One Girl Band with Lola Hoad

Lola is a Creative Coach with a background in graphic design and hand-lettering who now runs a co-working space for female entrepreneurs in Brighton. Her short and sweet episodes are packed full of value, covering topics in the sphere of creativity, confidence, mindset, self-care, productivity, goal-setting and avoiding overwhelm. Guaranteed to lift you up!

Soulful PR with Janet Murray

I love to mix it up between personal development and practical business podcasts, and this one falls into the second category. Each episode has a very specific focus on topics around PR and digital marketing and I always learn loads from every single one! Janet is a PR expert and her guests are equally knowledgeable in their fields so this is definitely one to check out if you'd like some advice on how to promote your business online and in the media, with tons of great tips on content marketing in particular.

Small and Mighty with Sam Burgess

I've only recently discovered Sam of Social Mouth (the brains behind #smallandmightybusiness) and I wish I'd found her sooner! She is an expert in using social media for business and works with independent creative businesses to grow their audiences and, more importantly, make their businesses profitable. Her Instagram posts and stories are full of helpful advice and she shares this on her podcast too, as well as interviewing other wonderful entrepreneurs about their business journeys and how social media has played a role in their success. A great listen!

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Make It Happen with Jen Carrington

I've mentioned Jen before on my blog and I'll do it again because she really knows her stuff! She is a Creative Coach based in Manchester and helps female entrepreneurs build "impactful, fulfilling and sustainable" creative lives. I love her podcast as it poses lots of reflective questions that have helped me to figure out what I really want from my business and life, and how to take the steps to achieve these goals without getting burnt out on my way there!

Being Boss with Kathleen Shannon and Emily Thompson

Being Boss is another repeat offender on my blog because I've got so much value from it since I became a regular listener earlier this year. The episodes vary from short chats between the two hosts and longer form interviews with various brilliant guests, both covering topics such as brand positioning, picking a niche, content marketing, creating boundaries, avoiding burnout and dealing with comparison. The accompanying blog is full of excellent advice and resources for creative business owners too!

Blogtacular with Kat Molesworth

This is a newer addition to my regular podcast rotation and I've really enjoyed the few episodes I've listened to so far. Kat interviews artists, makers and creatives about their work, life and journey to doing what they love for a living. There are conversations about inspiration, motivation and the role of art as a means to do good in the world.

Some of these podcasts also feature on my Resources Roundup, along with lots of other useful recommendations and tools for creative business owners, so you might like to check that out too!

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