7 Unexpected Side Effects of Having A Personal Branding Photoshoot

This week I had some amazing feedback from my lovely client Vanessa from The Simpson Sisters, which echoed another comment I received from the wonderful Georgia de Lotz, about the impact that having a Personal Branding Photoshoot with me had had on them and their businesses. I talk a bit more about this in this short video, but the general message was that both Georgia and Vanessa came away from their photoshoots feeling excited about and proud of their businesses, and valuing what they do more greatly. This is such wonderful feedback and I'm so glad that I was able to give them that positive experience. It also got me thinking about the knock-on effects that these feelings could have on my clients' businesses and today I wanted to explore the idea that having a professional photoshoot can be about so much more than the end result of beautiful photographs. Here are a few, sometimes unexpected, side effects of having a Personal Branding Photoshoot:

Coming across as professional and credible online

Your website (or your social media profiles, if this is how some of your clients first discover you) is your shop front to the world and creating a stellar first impression on all of these platforms is key. When you have consistent, polished brand images in several places online, you start to build trust with your audience and reassure them that you mean business.

Attracting more of your dream clients

Your personal brand photoshoot will be tailored to capture you at your most authentic. The images will reflect your personality and values and therefore you will start to attract more people who are a great fit for your business. You are your business so you need to let people get to know you and sharing your brand portaits is a brilliant way to do this!

Connecting more deeply with your online audience

Following on from attracting more of your ideal clients, once you've got their attention, you can use your photos to build rapport with them. When you share a photo of yourself on social media, you're offering up a little piece of yourself, and what you'll get in return is genuine connection and a strengthened relationship with the people you most want to work with.

Feeling super confident and proud of what you've built

I love the idea of having a photoshoot as a form of celebration of all that you've achieved. It's a reward to yourself for building a business that you love and a good opportunity to reflect on how far you've come. Having me capture you doing what you do best can give you a real warm and fuzzy feeling; a sense of pride that will beam out of you and make your photos extra sparkly! Also, all the compliments you'll get on how flipping fabulous you look in your photos will be a lovely self-esteem boost!

Increasing your prices to reflect the value you offer

Having a Personal Branding Photoshoot done can go hand in hand with taking your business to the next level and increasing your prices. Once you get your gorgeous images back and add them to your website, you'll feel a real boost of confidence and appreciate the value of what you offer even more. Your new polished look will empower you to confidently take that next step.

Saving lots of time and energy

Time is not on our side as busy business owners, so trying to take your own social media photos as and when you get a free minute (if it happens to be light outside when that moment arrives!) or worse still trying to use self-timer to do your own headshots is not a great way to spend the precious little time we do have. If we can take a year's worth of photos for you in less than a day, you'll win all this time back - time that you could spend either making money or kicking back with a cocktail!

Feeling recharged after a day out of your business

I like to think that a Personal Brand Photoshoot with me is not only a task ticked off the to-do list for you, but a bit of a treat or even a pamper day! Whether you choose to book a hair and makeup artist to make you feel your best, or you simply enjoy the break from routine and opportunity to get creative, a photoshoot is a wonderful chance to take a step back from the day-to-day running of your business and focus on yourself again. You might feel re-energised or experience a newfound passion for what you do, which can only be a good thing!

If you fancy yourself some of these juicy side effects, please get in touch to arrange a free consultation call and we can chat about where you're at and how I can help!