Vision Boards and Vintage Gowns

Last week I spent my Sunday at the wonderful Heartfelt Vintage in Clifton – it's a cosy little vintage bridal boutique with some jawdropping pieces, the kind of place where you walk in and just want to stroke everything (or maybe that's just me!?). Kate also runs events at the shop and you can hire it for hen dos, workshops and parties too. The Vision Board Workshop held by the lovely Nicky of Discover Your Bounce included lunch and Kate made us an absolutely amazing Moroccan feast of super healthy and flavoursome dishes including the biggest bowl of homemade hummus I've ever seen! It definitely inspired me to get a bit more creative with my cooking, which I need to do anyway since giving up sugar at the start of this year and relying solely on savoury goodness to distract me from the voice of the chocoholic I'm suppressing, but that's another story!

I got the opportunity to attend Nicky's January workshop late last year and it felt like exactly the right time to start setting myself some goals and deciding what I want my 2017 to look like. As I hadn't come across the technique of making a vision board before and didn't know much at all about the law of attraction either, I chose not to look into it too deeply before the workshop so that I could go in with a completely open mind. This proved to be a good approach because I think openness is a huge factor in the whole concept; the more ready and willing you are for positive opportunities to come your way, the more they will present themselves to you.

We started by sharing our stories and what we hoped to get out of the workshop and it was really humbling to be part of a group of women who had already achieved so much and were still determined to make big things happen in their lives - it really spurred me on to do the same! Nicky has a great skill for creating a safe space in which people feel free to be vulnerable and talk about their most audacious goals and darkest fears. I can only speak for myself but I feel like it would be hard to admit these things to ourselves without the gentle guidance of someone like Nicky.

After lots of discussion and some very therapeutic mindfulness exercises (and that incredible lunch!) we got to work cutting up magazines and sticking them onto the A2 card of our dreams! I really loved this part, there's just something about holding a pair of plastic scissors and flicking through pages and pages of colourful photos that gets my heart racing! I had drunk a lot of tea (from delightful vintage crockery, no less) by this point, so that could have had something to do with it too! I was amazed by how easy it was to find things that inspired me and just having a focus on positivity made loads of lovely words and phrases jump out at me. I found it interesting that a lot of my vision board ended up being little mantras like “Just start today!” and “Roll with it” - I clearly know myself too well! I also included photos of a beautiful house with floor-to-ceiling windows, the beginnings of my dream to have a natural-light studio at home! A little patch of turquoise sea also made it onto my board (“Please, Universe, bring me holidays!”), along with some striking fashion portraits and gorgeous personal brand images that I aspire to create for my own clients this year.


The way I felt on Sunday evening after the workshop can only be described as ecstatic. I think my boyfriend might actually have been a bit scared as I rattled off all of my big dreams at a hundred miles an hour! As a criminal self-doubter, it felt amazing and very freeing to confidently say out loud what I want and really believe that I can achieve it for once! I can't thank Nicky enough for giving me the space to do that, because even if my week didn't carry on in such a positive manner, I keep reminding myself of how happy and bold I felt on Sunday and how there's no reason why I shouldn't feel that way every day. So if you haven't tried making a vision board before then I'd definitely recommend giving it a go, you might surprise yourself like I did! Even if you don't gain much from it, there are worse ways to spend a Sunday than dreaming up big plans while cutting and sticking...