On Goal Setting and Talking to Myself

Isn't the internet the best? I've discovered so many amazing resources and, more importantly, people through this crazy network over the last few months! For example, a new friend of mine (who I met at an event I found online) introduced me to the Female Entrepreneur Association, which is a gold mine of inspiration and guidance for people just like me and you!

A sucker for a good marketing video, I pre-ordered Carrie's upcoming book She Means Business (also, her title choice makes me feel like a boss – good work, Carrie!) and thus got access to a little online course based around setting goals and planning for 2017. Yes, I'm a bit late to the party given that it's the middle of February, but there's no time like the present to get serious about your dreams, people!

So, I spent a decent chunk of today (it's called “productive procrastination” and it's OK) watching the course and filling in the lovely workbook that came with it, with BOLD goals. I'm learning that in order to achieve big things, you've got to let go of your inhibition and dare to ask for them! I've never been able to do this before, perhaps because I'm a massive cynic or maybe it's more about my deep-rooted self doubt, who can say? Anyway, I think something that held me back before was my inability to actually vocalise (or even say to myself in my head) what I really wanted. The magic that is hindsight tells me this may be why I stayed in a job that made me unhappy for longer than I really should have – because who would I be to try and live a fulfilling and joyful life?

So, a big part of Carrie's philosophy on running your own business is that you have to condition yourself for success, which I can totally get behind! This involves visualising everything you want becoming reality, and really believing it. She encourages us to write these big dreams down and look at them at least once a day in order to form a strong connection to them, which helps us to align our behaviour and actions with what we're trying to achieve.

As I mentioned in my post about the vision board workshop I went to, this is not something I'd really come across before and to be honest, if you'd have told me about it a year ago I may have nodded, smiled and possibly also rolled my eyes (I'm sorry, universe!). But now that I am where I am, outside the safety of a permanent role working for someone else, what do I really have to lose in giving this stuff a go? If I genuinely want to make being self-employed work for the long term and I don't want to be a starving artist forever, then why not aim high? Even if that means making pretty motivational quotes in which I literally talk to myself! If you're at a similar stage to me and find yourself questioning these methods, all I can say is just try to embrace it and enjoy the process! I've definitely had fun so far and I'm excited to keep following this path to find out what I'm capable of when I feel brave enough to ask for it. Also, my walls are going to look so great with all of these colourful gems of wisdom all over them!