Summer of Colour with Weekend:IN | Event Photography in Somerset

There's a cool (read: cold) breeze blowing in and it's only just stopped chucking it down, so it feels a bit strange to be writing about a wonderfully warm and summery couple of days spent in the Somerset countryside less than two weeks ago, but here we are! What happened, July? Weekend:IN was set up by Bristol-based founder Olivia in 2016 to bring together independent brands and influencers using innovative ideas like creative workshops and themed events. Following a successful festive WKND:IN Monmouthshire at the end of last year, Olivia decided to host a "Summer of Colour" event and I went along to capture the two-day affair.

Weekend:IN was held at The Shed in Bickley, which is rented out by Sawday's Travel. The house felt like a cross between a log cabin and a spacious barn, but with a really cosy and modern interior, featuring a log burning stove and a cinema room! Wilderness Flowers worked their magic with a breathtaking floral installation behind the huge table around which the guests took part in a variety of different sessions, including a moodboard workshop, gin tasting and pompom headdress making to name a few! The days were broken up with delicious healthy lunches, with guests enjoying the added bonus of sparkling wine in a can (revolutionary, right?!), and tasty snacks from Kallo and herbal tea by Joe's Tea Co.

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I loved being able to listen in on some fascinating talks as I snapped away and it was great to get an insight into the stories behind brands such as small-batch candle boutique Osmology Co, organic skincare company LA-EVA and luxury PJ brand Yawn. Yawn's motto "Phone off, kettle on, pyjama time" really speaks to my soul!

One of my favourite things about shooting events is the fresh inspiration that meeting new people always brings me, and this one was no exception because literally everyone in the room was a super creative and talented entrepreneur = inspiration galore! The guests included designers, stylists, illustrators, photographers, travel bloggers, shop owners and lots of people who did several of those things at once! This reinforced for me how lucky we are, as a generation (and thanks to that thing called the internet, let's be honest), to be able to pursue our passions and reject, if we so choose, the rigid structure of more traditional career paths. It's also just really uplifting to talk to people who absolutely love what they do (I know the feeling!), and who have built themselves a life around it. Hurrah for life-architects!

Here are a few highlights from Weekend:IN, don't forget to check out everyone's work via the links in the captions!

Flower wall of dreams by Wilderness Flowers



Erica, Lori and Kym listening to LA-EVA's brand story


An insight into essential oils from LA-EVA founder, Louisa Canham


A captivating cleansing ritual by The Owl Apothecary


The Owl & The Apothecary Founder, Katy, lighting the smudge stick for another cleansing ritual


Everyone getting stuck in to the Wild & Wonderful Moodboard Workshop by The Owl & The Apothecary, featuring Fritha, Erica, Kym, Olivia, Teri, Fran, Alexia, Rachel and Xanthe


Greens for lunch!


G&Ts all 'round (with a spritz of elderflower!) from 6 O'Clock Gin



An introduction to small-batch scented candles by Osmology Co.


Osmology Co is a new boutique on the Christmas Steps, Bristol, stocking scented candles from exciting global brands.


Cute goodie bag with fragrant addition by Wilderness Flowers.


Day Two kicked off with a summer photo styling challenge, featuring Seven Boot Lane, Hammam Havlu, Beija London, Ollie Quinn and Maik. Here's Lyzi in action!


Nancy at work on the styling challenge, featuring Seven Boot Lane, Hammam Havlu, Beija London, Ollie Quinn and Maik.


Amanda styling up some Ollie Quinn sunnies and a Hammam Havlu towel.


Fran and Alexia getting creative in the pompom headdress making workshop by Ollie Quinn.


Nancy and Emma pompomming away.


The whole gang in the handmade pompom headwear and Ollie Quinn shades.


Tea break with Joe's Tea Co, featuring Nancy.


Sweet lavender bags for the relaxation session by Yawn.


Nancy, Laurie and Emma playing games in lovely Yawn PJs.


Amanda, Alexia, Jane and Fran loving the games with Imogen from Yawn.


Fun and games with Yawn to end Day Two!

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