Brand Mentoring for Creative Souls

Running your own business can be a real rollercoaster.

I'm here to help you recognise what makes your brand unique, generate marketing ideas you’re actually excited about, and put yourself out there with pride!

I can support you in any and all of the topics below through an intensive 90-minute Skype Strategy Session.

We'll look at where you are and get you one step closer to where you want to be. 

I'll send you off with a library of useful resources, access to one month of email support and a 30-minute follow-up call to see how you're getting on at the end of that month.


Brand Values

Getting crystal clear on what you stand for and what makes you different.


Website & SEO

How to get your website to do its job really well (with jargon-free guidance and simple action steps)!


Customer Journey

Helping you tweak your systems and processes to ensure your customers are looked-after and delighted at every stage of working with you.

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Brand Voice

Honing your voice and crafting meaningful content that you want to write and your ideal clients want to read!


Defining Your Niche

Getting braver with your niche and painting a picture of your dream customer so you can speak directly to them.


Content Ideas

I’ll help you conjure up several months’ worth of blog post, email newsletter and social media post ideas.


Brand Aesthetic

Refining your look and feel, including an Instagram audit and action plan.

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Social Media

How to find and connect with your ideal clients online in a way that doesn’t make you cringe!



Easy-to-implement tips on how to take better photos for your Instagram, including posing advice for pictures of you.

Wow wow wow! Thank you SO much for the email, that is incredibly helpful. I can’t tell you how much yesterday helped me, I feel like I have a lot more clarity on how to get the most out of Instagram and tons of practical tips to put into action. I am super excited! Which is new...normally it feels like a bit of a chore, especially on those weeks where I can’t find anything to say.
— Ruth Bradford, The Little Black & White Book Project

How much does it cost?

My 1:1 mentoring package including all of the below costs £150*

A 90-minute virtual strategy session tailored to what you need most support with

A personalised library of useful resources + practical action steps for you to take

one month of email access so you can pick my brains as you’re implementing what you’ve learnt

a 30-minute check-in call 30 days after your session to answer any more questions you might have

my support and cheerleading as you go out into the world armed with the advice from your session

*This is an introductory offer valid until 31st December 2019.


Let's build a soulful brand!

Please give me the low-down on your business and which topics you need help with and I'll be in touch soon for a chat!

Please note my next available mentoring session slots are in December 2019 and January 2020. They will take place online (via Skype or Zoom) on weekdays between 9am and 5pm UK time.